, Who is Pink Palmetto Boutique?

Who is Pink Palmetto Boutique?


Know that feeling you get when you have a new outfit--that extra strut in your step? How you feel, well, just beautiful?  Pink Palmetto Boutique wants to capture that confidence and translate it to your everyday life. We take pride in our items and name them for inspiring individuals around us.  Our attention to detail is unparalleled and our vision is unique.


Pink Palmetto Boutique, a true family operation, is located in Lexington, SC. My two sons helped design the website and assist with packing each and every shipment. One of my closest friends is a great contributor to the photography. Many children in our community also help decorate each package. You might even find a surprise in your shipments--so be on the look-out!

We would like for you to meet Duke, he means so much to our family!  He is the mascot for PPB. Wearing a custom Pink Palmetto Bow Tie, he is the heart of our business.  We consider it an honor to have each and every customer. Prepare to be spoiled.